Monday, December 29, 2014


I don't have very much to write ether sadly... Nothing excited happened this last week other than talking to you guys and having Christmas dinner with some other missionaries at this Mexican ladies house! I was some pretty good food!
Joel came to church on Sunday! That wasn't to much of a shock considering he is a rad cat! We are planning on baptizing him on the 17 of January, but I probably already told you that! jaja

Oh we did go Christmas caroling on Christmas Eve! that was pretty gnarly! I even made a maraca for when we sang Feliz Navidad to the Hispanics!! jaja it was super fun and then a bunch of Elders came over to our house and we had turkey that we got from the salvation army, they gave us some because we helped them out! Thank you salvation army!! jaja it was alot of fun we played stuff like Janga, Pig using the nerf basketball hope, and one of my personal favorites Scum!!!
It was awesome to talk all of you too, I enjoyed it a lot, it did make me home sick for a little, but i'm all good now
Eliza kinda reminds me of Mike Wazowski in that last photo!!jaja
Sorry Eliza!
Anyways love you guys and hope you are all doing well!!!

Elder Allen

Oh and you should be proud I patched up my soccer sweats by myself!!!! jaja

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