Monday, December 22, 2014

Feliz Navidad!!!

This week has gone by a lot slower than others, but not because it was boring, it just seemed like it took forever! I am super excited for Christmas! We've already found a place to skype! The dad works for Verizon so he said he had like 20 tablets laying around the house that we could use!! jaja I'm glad you guys liked those videos, they were super fun to make! Just make sure they get to dad as well! 


For service this week we helped out the salvation army! We were invited to come help by our old friend Jack Adams, the old dude who dropped a while ago, and it was a blast!! We were all put into an assembly line and we packed food into bags for people to come and get for Christmas, we also helped people pick out toys for their kids and then carried all of their stuff they got out to their car, and after we would help them we would give them, "he is the gift" cards and told them that Jesus loves them, it was a pretty rad experience!

I think I might have told you about Joel already, but if I haven't he is our awesome new Investigator who came from Utah, and was being taught by the sisters up there, but he moved so now we teach him and he is doing awesome! He had a smoking problem, but that didn't last too long after we gave his a blessing! jaja he hasn't smoked in a whole week, its amazing! We are planning to baptize him on the 17th of January, he just needs to come to church more!

Tree from Denise
I hope you are all doing great and I did get you letter, the Christmas card, and Your package, have you gotten my Christmas cards? Anyways Love you!!


Elder Allen


PS thanks for the "He is the Gift" cards you gave me but I've already got like thousands!     



A frame I made for the Family!
New Car EMMA

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