Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Cheermyster?

I thought Tressa might like this little guy!!

Funny you should talk about being the Holiday Cheermyster, we were visiting a less active family yesterday who is going through some struggles right now and guess what they were watching when we came in? The Grinch!! jaja it was at the part where he was being dubbed Holiday Cheermyster, Just a little tender mercy of the lord i guess jaja

Anyways this week has been pretty good, not our best, but that is because we had two meetings this week that took up most of our day. The first one was the Zone training meeting, which was pretty fun! Me and Elder Webb made a skit which I thought was pretty great, but it probably wasn't funny at all... jaja! The next day we had a Zone Conference in States Burro it was pretty fun! I got to see some familiar faces! 
Nothing else really happened, but our ward mission leader is a taxidermist so he got us some dear leather so we could make some home made moccasins! I'm pretty excited about that!!! 

Love you all a whole lot!!

Elder Allen

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