Monday, June 6, 2016

Hey Hey Hey!!!!

One last tracting selfie!!!
Santa Maria meet El Libro De Mormon!!!
Just a quick update on BJ. He finally got work off and came to church and he loved it! BJ has this ability to make these crazy analogies that relate the gospel to normal things (mostly cars) and when he begins these analogies me and elder Marshall get kinda scared/embarrassed because we have no idea where is going with them and we usually have a member with us and we don't want the member to think that BJ is some weird guy, but by the end of the analogy, not only does it make sense, but if you think about them, they can get super deep.... BJ never fails to amaze us with his philosophies... haha! He was giving more input during the elders quorum class than any of the actual members haha! He's probably my favorite person.

It's the last week of this transfer!!! It's gone by super fast!!! I also don't have a lot of time to email today.... But it was yet another week full of miracles and fun! Elder Marshall is a stud!

Another Car Selfie....
Our meeting with Goeffry was pretty fun to be honest! He is this guy who loves the missionaries, but he doesn't progress at all and he also isn't all there, so we'll visit him with a couple other companionships just to brighten his day a little! It's more of a service type deal, but he makes it fun by asking us some super random questions and having interesting thoughts about bible passages. He also got up and sang us a song. We had a prayer circle. he is super baptist. I love it. Y'all just need to come to the south sometime and then you'll get the real baptist experience! 

In other good news Celia is currently trying to get her Sundays off so that she can come to church!! She is super interested and has this super big desire to find the truth! She'll find it I just don't know when! Like almost every Hispanic her family is very much rooted in the catholic church, but she is not shy to carry a Book of Mormon around the house! She is awesome!  


Also it turns out that Atlanta is getting a MLS team, so... I was a fan before everyone else was... just so you know that...

Sunday afternoon tracting in the heat and humidity, it's a struggle....

Our fabulous district!!!

I love y'all!!


Elder Raleigh Allen

My Boy Goeffry


We visit him as more of a service type deal, because he's super lonely and loves talking to us, but he's not really all there... We don't do it too often, but when we do it is always a good time!

The new member of the Columbus Spanish household!!!

Fruit Ninja!!!!

and more from the museum!









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