Monday, June 27, 2016

George peach ice cream!!!!

Fresh Georgia peach Ice cream it was incredible  

Well, it has been the hottest, most sweatiest week in a long time! But I loved it!!! (at least looking back on the moment it was getting pretty nasty... so much sweat...) Something I've had to learn is just to accept that I'm going to sweat whether I like it or not so just embrace it!
some photos first! It has probably been the most hot and humid week of the entire year and of course that is the week when we are out tracting the most....

Someone let us borrow there telescope as long as we put it together! It's super nice!

My spirits are high! P-day always wipes away everything that was hard so that you only remember the good stuff, just to prepare you for the week to come, it's amazing! We had a lot of success and a ton of miracles this past week! 

First off we were driving around this neighborhood in search for Hispanics, after awhile you can kinda learn what a Hispanic house looks like, and after a longer while you can even smell them out... it's not a bad smell, it hard to explain, it has this musk about it... it's weird.. Anyways it also helps to see Hispanic kids playing out side and that is what we saw! So we said a quick prayer and went to go contact the house, but we saw the guy walk out side and get into his car about to leave, so we were feeling a little awkward about going up the house now because the guy living there was in the car about leave, but as missionaries that is kinda what we signed up for I guess, being awkward... so we approached his car and when he saw us he turned off the car got out and invited us in the house! His name is Cristian Guzman and he is Honduran, my favorite type of Hispanic! It turns out that he was being taught by missionaries a while back, but moved and changed phones so he didn't have our number and we didn't have his, he was lost and we found him! We are pretty excited about him!

BJ is super ready to be baptized! His planned date is on the 9th of July so not this Saturday, but the next! We are stoked for it! He is so ready! We officially have taught him every lesson since yesterday! Oh man he's just awesome!

Life is still amazing! I'm going to finish this thing strong! I had a sweet experience this morning that helped build my testimony on eternal families, I won't go into to much detail, but I was reading one of the new pamphlets about temples and family that the church recently put out and it brought a lot of peace, I know that God cares about your desires for your family and he wants us all to live together forever! It was a good experience to say the least!

Much Love,
Elder Raleigh Allen 

Some oldies I finally got a hold of!


My boy Anderson!




Your average 2016 missionary.....

More from the painting service! 



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