Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Our Tire went out on us on the way to church...
I had a great 4th of July! Even if the day before our tire went flat so we put on the spare and then the spare went flat right before we were going to go down to the museum on base so we had to borrow the zl's extra wheel... But for reals it was super fun! We also had to stay in our apartments after 6:00 so I just jammed and drew the rest of the night.


This past week yet again has been one of many miracles! BJ came to church for the 3rd time on Sunday and then had his baptismal interview the same day! He Passed with flying colors! He did for get what the word of wisdom was... not the rules, just the name threw him off even though we told him time and time again what it was haha! He is super ready for this Saturday when he will get baptized!! I'm so stoked! Good way to go if you know what I mean! ;)



I still can't believe how fast time has been flying! And I know it is because me and Elder Gardner are staying focused and working hard! He has been a real blessing to me my last transfer! I've just been so blessed this last bit of my mission, well really just my whole mission! I've come a long way you could say! haha! 


I love you!


Elder Allen


Earlier in the day our doughnut went flat too....







and one from to day while we waited forever for them just to put a new tire on the car...

And our reward!

From last P-day


4th of July Festivities on the base!

Later During Lock-down

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