Monday, July 11, 2016

Two to go!

The closer I get to going home the less motivated I am to write anything.... sorry... haha! Plus if I forget anything I'll just tell you about it in exactly two weeks!

Not to many pictures from this week... But we did have a baptism!!
This past week was full of meetings because of the new mission president, plus the fourth of July pday/lockdown plus preparation for the baptism took a lot of time from work, but we still found the time to get out and get a lot of things done and saw so many miracles! The baptism went super well! It was the best one I've ever been to! BJ came out of the water laughing super hard haha! He was so excited for it! You can already see how being baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost has blessed and changed his life already! BJ has really taught me that this gospel is for everyone, it doesn't matter who you are or where you're from, Jesus Christ, gospel, and the peace and joy that comes from following it is for everybody!

The new mission president!
And yes we recently saw Cristian Guzman, he was the one we met in the driveway! We re-taught him the restoration and he remembered and understood a lot of it! He didn't come to church last Sunday, but we did invite him to baptism and he said yes, if he found out it was true! He seemed excited to read the Book of Mormon, he lost his last one!

I hope you know that I'm finishing strong! ]

I love you! I also will be sending my flash drive soon and there will be a video on it that I want you to show at the 24th Dr. Suess festival at the cabin!

Elder Allen



Elder Godinez sent me this with the caption "Soon...." metaphorically representing my death as a missionary, haha! 


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