Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

Transfers are only good for one reason!

One more reason!

Happy Fathers Day!!!

That video goes out to all the  father figures in my life!! Thank you for who you are and who've you made me become! I love and always will love you for it! 
Oh I'm also finally taller than one of my companions!

My new comps. name is Elder Gardner and he is super chill! He is from Oregon, not really sure what city, but somewhere on the coast and the border of Washington! It has been quite the adjustment because he is nothing like my last comp. but still just as good!


This whole week has kinda been an adjustment. At first there was a lot of stress because this is a giant area and I'm still learning how to get around, we also had a couple of solid people cancel on us (for good reasons) at the last second, both times we had members with us... kinda embarrassing... But as I looked back on the week, we saw so many miracles that, at the time, I hadn't realized had happened! It is so important to trust in God, this is his work and he is in control! That is something I already knew, but it was emphasized a lot this past week! Also Nelson came to church and stayed for all 3 hours even though the last class is in English! We also had a bomb lesson with him on Friday! That was probably the only solid lesson this week with a member because the rest fell through...  


 Goodbye to President and Sister Cottle... :'(
We saw president and sister Cottle for the last time this week :'( I'm really going to miss them a bunch! President Cottle is included when is said "all the father figures in my life", he has truely helped and changed me into the person I am today! So if I come home and you see a difference, thank him, and God of course!


Life is good! Still LIVING THE DREAM! 

I love you guys a bunch! 

Elder Allen

Service for the week!  




Trailer Park finds!
I realize that this isn't the best picture as a missionary because obedience to God is how we find true happiness, but think off it as breaking the rules of the world, not the laws, but the rules...think about it.... deep huh.

Sometimes you gotta find the fun in tracting!

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