Monday, June 13, 2016

Finishing in Columbus

Our reactions to transfer calls..... :(
It's official, my last transfer will be spent here in Columbus!!! I'm super stoked about that, but I'm bummed because elder Marshall is leaving... I'm going to miss that guy much!!! We've had such a good time, we worked hard, and we saw so many miracles! Definitely one of the fastest transfers in my life!
This past week was especially fast! We were so busy running from place to place! I don't even think we tracted once!! Woot! I LOVE THOSE WEEKS! We had a lot of great lessons too! We taught BJ about temples and temple work because we talked about baptisms for the dead last Sunday and he looked super confused we felt like we should explain that as soon as possible! haha! It was an incredible lesson! Once we started talking about how once he got baptized that he could go do it for his family, he did something I never thought he would do, he broke down into tears and told us about his grandfather who had pretty much raised him, but never got baptized.  I may have even started getting some water in my eyes as well..... We had to move back his baptismal date to the 9th of July, but he is soooo ready!
More service!!!
sorry not the longest letter of all times, but I do love you!

Elder Allen

Oh also I've been really studying my Patriarchal Blessing by praying first, reading, and then writing what comes to my head in a journal, you should try it some time it really opens your eyes to who you were, who you are, and who God sees you becoming! 
Early Fathers day shout out!!! Plus the sign has my name on it!


Service at the food bank!
Sunday night selfie...


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