Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Years!!

An orchard
Home made tacos made by yours truly!!
First off this video is a great one! Sometimes it's hard to leave the things of the past behind us, but we can! I love the message of being able to change and move forward! And it is all becasue "We have a savior who loves us, and that is something to be excited about!"


1. I love my new companion, he is a stellar guy who is a great example to me! Were killin' it here in Warner Robins!


2.It's funny you should ask what food we've been eating because lately we've had to make our own food for the past couple of nights because our meal calendar wasn't passed around by accident... But we've actually been doing pretty well at making some pretty decent food! We've made some deer meat tacos, breakfast burritos, and some deer meat burgers! All pretty good! Luckily we have a member here who gives us deer meat sometimes! haha!


3. We have a washer and dryer in our apartment! We are blessed, every apartment has one, or has somebody nearby who has one!


4. I love the mini van! #CallMeSoccerMom that's how I feel sometimes! haha!


5.Teaching is getting better and better each day! We've been finding some really sweet people to teach! Yesterday we had a really awesome lesson with this guy named Jesus! We showed him the same video about new years, he liked it a lot!!
a game of fun and faith....


6.During the new years lock down, we finished weekly planning and found this nock off Monopoly game called Bibleopoly, so we played it with the other elders! It was pretty terrible, haha, but I won! haha!
Bibleopoly........... haha

I know our savior loves us! I know he lives! I know that because he lives I can be whole! I love all of you a lot! 


Elder Allen



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