Monday, January 11, 2016

My Spirit Animal

My spirit animal "The common house cat"
Weekly Planning!

Hey hey! This week was pretty sweet down here in Warner Robins with my boy elder Anderson, we are rockin' like pure thugs! jk not like thugs, more like true shepherds of God! haha!  I'm still livin' the dream!  


I'm sleeping fine!


So we are teaching this super catholic guy named Julio, he really want's help to quit smoking and drinking for his family, but he is having a hard time with it. The first time we met him he let us in and he had 4 cans of beer on his table, he was surprisingly not tipsy at all! haha, anyways we had a super good lesson with him and at the end right before we left he gave us both hugs, but man when I went in for the hug I feel like he almost broke my back! haha! It killed! Super rad dude though! We also had this really sweet lesson with a guy named Marco and his wife, he's less active and his wife isn't a member, but she wanted to start learning so we taught the restoration and I think Marco got more out of it than his wife, he was thankful that we came by to try to bring back one of Gods lost sheep! I also met this really nice cat so I had to take some selfies with it! 
So we have an investigator named Anne, I've probably already talked about her, but she is stellar! She has really been progressing and we are hoping that she gets baptized here pretty soon! Sweet old lady!
We call her Jinny! haha
My biggest testimony builder lately, is when I take time to think of how much I've grown in the past year and a half! Wow if I was a sister, I'd be going home at the end of this transfer! The more I think about it, the less I want it to end! 


I really liked this video a lot! such powerful testimonies!!! I want to be like that some day! haha 


Elder Allen


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