Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Christmas was amazing!! The best part of course was talking to you guys!! We were also fed breakfast lunch and dinner! Pretty great, oh and happy birthday mom! sorry I forgot to tell you that during skype! Something else I forgot to tell you guys is that I had to buy a GPS with my home money because We were in dire need of one, because the streets here are just one big maze, and nobody else has a GPS! 

So it was a pretty great week! Not as much success as we would have hoped, because everybody was gone... but we still saw miracles! for instance, we had received an online referral to this lady who wanted a bible, so we go to the address and the lady answers the door, and she was super crazy, we gave her, her bible and she started going off about Bill Gates for some reason and how he wanted her to go on tour with him? Then she started talking about when she was in jail...haha crazy. So we left, but as we started driving away, I felt prompted to try knocking her neighbor's door, so we did and a dude came out and said "I can't help you boys" and slammed the door, so we tried the next one and again, door slam! so we got pretty discouraged... we decided to try one last door and this lady named Katelyn answered, and she was golden! She had a Mormon friend while she was getting trained to be in the army, so she went to church a lot and said that it was her favorite one out of all the churches! She wasn't raised Christian. So boom miracle! Enduring pays off! haha!

We still knocked it haha!
This one doesn't need an explanation.... haha! 

Anyways I love you guys a bunch! 


Elder Allen



My friend!


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