Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Warner Robins Christmas

Hello Elder Anderson!   #DatTractingLife

Goodbye Jose Santos.... :(
It is always hard to get transferred! I was super nervous, the leaving is the hardest part now, it used to be the transition from place to place and companion to companion, but now that I've done it a couple of times, it wasn't hard at all! I'm already loving my new area Warner Robins!!! It's awesome! The members here are awesome, our meal calendar is actually full, and we are hoping for a baptism on the 2nd of January!! Her name is Anne and she has been taught by the missionaries for quite some time now, super rad old lady! My new companion's name is Elder Anderson! He is a rad cat, it took a little for him to come out of his shell, but once he did, he was hilarious! 

For Christmas we are being fed Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, I swear this place is like a mini Utah! haha! and I should be calling you guys around 12 my time, so like 10:00 your time! I'm Stoked! I everyone liked their gifts!!


Goodbye Auburn... :(
We were invited to a Christmas party and we had a bonfire!! Good time, good time!
This past week was pretty slow, we worked hard, but not a lot of things happened, we did have a cool experience last night, we went over to this less active/part member family, and showed them the Christmas video, and the wife who's not a member really liked it! She got curious about our beliefs so we are going to teach her this Wednesday!


Grandma and Grandpa Allen sent me this Poem that I really liked!

I knew three men, courageous men
One blind, one poor, one ill.
And when I sympathized with them they said it is God's will.

The blind man said, 'tho I am blind
My life is no total loss.
For my sufferings are simple and few
Compared to the sufferings he went through
From the cradle to the cross."

The poor man said "I am rich, not poor
Two ways he has blessed my course,
He has given me a love for my fellow men
In that priceless sermon he preached to them
From the cradle to the cross."

Then spoke the man too ill to rise,
And there as I watched him toss,
He spoke through lips that were parched with pain
"Pray tell me friend, Why should I complain
 When men like me and all mankind, too,
Should thank him for what he went through,

From the cradle to the cross."

Goodbye Garry.....:(




I love you guys a bunch!!

Elder Allen

I like this song a lot!!


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