Wednesday, May 27, 2015

South Carolina!

New Address
2205 Southside Blvd. Apt. 11B
Beaufort, SC 29935
 The long awaited picture of Gloria's and her family getting baptized!

I'm getting transferred out of Pearson! It's a sad and happy occasion! I'm going to miss alot of people down here, but I'm also very excited to get out! (hopefully to a bigger area!!) 

Saying goodbye to some awesome people from Pearson!!
Not much to say about this week other than It's been alright, full of elder Johnson getting ready to go home, and me packing and getting ready for wherever I go next! I'm thinking that I'm going to go to South Carolina, but I'm not sure yet, I'll find out tomorrow! I'll be sure to send you the address as soon as I can! It's crazy I feel like these last transfers have gone by super fast, but during them they were kinda slow, but now that I'm here it's like I just got here!

Elder Murphy and I
Anyways, elder Johnson left for the mission home yesterday, so I've been with my boy Elder Murphy for the past half a day, because his companion is going home too! So that's pretty sweet!
Well that's about it for my life, I know super boring, but that's how my whole week has been so...... 

I love you guys!!! Hope all is well!! 

Elder Allen



I got bored this week while elder Johnson was getting ready so I through my ninja star around... haha! 





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