Monday, May 18, 2015

Slow week

just a mirror selfie......
My week has been really slow! Our ward put on a talent show this week on Friday, I preformed in it as well as my companion! I sang come, come ye saints in spanish, and he did a monologue! It was probably the highlight of the week though...

In church we had a could of great talks about being kind to everyone! Not only does it make others happier, but it makes you happy too! Even when it is to people you don't get along with!
Anyways tell CJ congrats for me!
I did get my package, it was delicious, thanks!!! 

We haven't been able to visit our internet referral yet, but she was planning on going to church up in Douglas so I'm hoping she did! 

I know nothing much to write this week, but it has been a very slow one, if not the slowest week in the mission field! (nothing could be slower than the MTC) haha

I love you guys! I hope all is well! 

Elder Allen

Oh and I might be getting moved this next week so I'll keep you posted!



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