Monday, May 11, 2015

The Day After Mother's Day!!!

First off, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of those awesome moms/grandmoms/great grandmums and so on!!!!

I had an awesome time talking to you guys too, one of the best day's of the year!!!! It feels like I just talked to you guys yesterday!

Cool story, we finally got an online referal who wanted a book of mormon! She also said that she is willing to learn more! Somthing you always want to hear especially down here in Pearson, so we got pretty excited, but when we put the address into Google it didn't show up!! But we didn't give up! haha! We went to city hall and asked for a map, they gave us one, which also didn't have the street we were looking for! But the lady suggested that we go accross the street to a building that would have a map of the county, so we did, and a member was working there! She gave a map and helped us find the street we were looking for! It was out in the boonies.... haha! So we went and found it, but she wasn't home, so we decided to come back after interviews up in Douglas. When we came back she still wasn't home so we decided to knock some other doors on the street, and we ran into her sister who knew that we were looking for, so she pointed us to a house at the end of the road and as we started walking towards it a lady came out and it was her! So we gave her a Book of Mormon, and taught her the restoration, she really liked it! Anyways just a cool story.

In Church we had a lesson on the Book of Mormon and how as members of this church need a testimony of the truthfulness of it! And the only way to find out is to earnestly read and pray about it! I can bear wittness that it is true and nothing can or will change that knowlege in me!!

I love you guys and hope you are doing awesome!!

Elder Allen

Mothers Day

I met spiderman on the streets of Douglas last Pday!


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