Monday, October 27, 2014

Downtown Savannah Today!

City Hall
We are finally going to downtown Savannah today!!!! I'm super excited!! As you may be able to tell by all of the exclamation marks!!!! This past week has been great! I went on transfers again with one of the zone leaders named Elder Hatch! He was pretty stellar! We got in a sword fight with some kids and after we proved ourselves worthy we were knighted by them, ha ha quite the adventure! 

Elder Hatch and I
Elder Webb and I have a pretty sweet new investigator! his name is Ulanzo (oo-lan-zo), Elder Webb started teaching him while I was with Elder Hatch. Him and his family really want to be baptized by the proper authority. He felt bad because he had been baptized, but it was by some guy he met in prison, we told him not to feel bad though because he was just trying to follow Christ's example. One of the coolest experiences I've had while I've been here is during the first lesson we taught him! We were talking about the first vision and he started starring at me and said "you've got something in you" that took me by surprise and I said "Is it bad?" and he said "no, its not, it is really good"! That just tells me that I must be doing something right!
No I haven't cooked anything off the list of recipes, sorry... I eat a lot of sandwiches and Tostino's pizza because it is really cheap, oh and of course cup of noodle.
The weather down here has been Heaven!! My companion says that October is the best time of year down here.
Thanks for the scripture! and I'm still lovin' all of the photos! We have a Trunk-or-Treat activity for our ward and we were thinking of going as the ninja turtles! ha ha ! If we do I'll be sure to send photos.

For service this week we helped an elderly gent. clean out his back yard and it got kinda hot so I decided to take a dive into his pool!

Anyways love you all!


Elder Allen 
My new planner.


This girl stole my camera and took some selfies


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