Monday, November 3, 2014

Ninja Turtle Elders

All is well and the Trunk-or-Treat thing was awesome! As missionaries we put on a doughnut on a string game that all the kids loved!! and because there are four elders we dressed up as the ninja turtles and all the kids loved that too, but a lot of them wanted to get in fights with us... 
My pumpkin
Elder Ludeman's iron man

On Halloween night we had to come in early at 6 because president doesn't want us to be out late on holidays, so we carved pumpkins after weekly planing and what not. we got the patterns from the library so the pumpkins look really great! then we had a fire in the back and told scary stories it was a pretty fun time! 
Elder Casper's Jesus
It gets very bone chilling! the humidity and the wind make it a lot colder than it actually is! and my weird allergy to the cold came back!!

It got very cold on November 1st and of course that was the day we decided to bike all day! jaja 

Savannah was a pretty sweet city, it reminded me a lot of New Orleans! We went to a place called river street, there it has a bunch of small tourist shop and stuff like Dana Point! and I got you guys a Christmas ornament!

There is really nothing left to say about the week, other than it was a pretty great one! love and miss you all!!!

 Elder Allen  



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