Monday, November 24, 2014

Exchanges, Golf, Baptisms, Surprise Visits and Hair cuts

The end of a pretty rad exchange!
I've probably said this before, but because Elder Webb is the district leader I get to go on exchanges almost every week! This week it was with one of our zone leaders, Elder Hinton! He is a pretty rad cat! We spent half of the exchange in a car shop though because they needed their car fixed, but we didn't let that stop us for doing the work! Fun Story, so as me and Elder Hinton were just sitting there in the car shop I spot a book on the table in front of us called "bible stories for kids: where did we come from?" so I decided to read it, and it had a bunch of false doc. so we decided to put a "Plan of Salvation" pamphlet  in it with our names and phone number, hoping someone might read it some day. So we walk over to the other side of the shop to play some checkers and 20 mins. later a guy walks in sits down at the table with all of the magazines and picks up the "bible stories for kids" book, opens it up and finds the "Plan of Salvation" pamphlet, and he just starts feasting on the word! meanwhile me and Elder Hinton are on the other side of the shop just creapin' on him checkin' to see how far he has made into the pamphlet and once he finished we went over and talked to him! 

We also got to go Golfing this week as a fund raiser for the cub scouts! It was my first time golfing and I did pretty terrible, but I had a good time!


and finally the baptism!!!!!!!!!!! I had the privilege to baptize Denise, and Elder Webb baptized Kathleen and Tom! The next day they were all giving the gift of the Holy Ghost and confirmed members of the church! Over all pretty awesome experience!  


!!!!Les Amo!!!!!


Elder Allen

P.S. Ryan and Tyler showed up this morning, bearing great gifts! jaja another fun story, they actually met my MTC companion, Elder Garcia, in church before they saw me because Elder Garcia works up in Hilton Head!

One of the members in our ward cuts hair... FREE HAIR CUTS!!!!! 


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