Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This is a quote that our mission president shared with us. Joseph Fielding Smith is talking to his wife, but I think it still applies to me and you guys back home!

" I know that the work I have been called to do is the work of God or I would not stay here one minute, no, I would not have left home. But I know that our happiness is dependent upon my faithfulness while I am here. I should be wiling to do this much for the love of mankind when our Savior could suffer as He did for us.... I am in the hands of our Heavenly Father and he will watch over me and protect me if I do his will. And he will be with you while I am away and watch over you and protect you in all things."- Joseph Fielding Smith

I hope you all know that "I would not stay here one minute, no, I would not have left home" if I didn't know that I have been call of God and that what I am teaching can lead people down the road to eternal life and a fullness of joy!

It is getting pretty cold down here, but not quite as cold as 15 degrees! I do miss that snow though! And I did get the package from the Kings, thank you The Kings!!

The good news is that I'm starting to like spicier things!
especially Valentina Sauce!!! 
I am kinda looking forward to thanksgiving... I am really excited about all of the good food I'm going to eat, but we already have 3 dinner appointments and I'm not looking forward to the "food coma" that will follow them... jaja! I get to look forward to alot of fried food... one of our appointments has already told us that he is making fried turkey and another one owns a fried chicken stand... super fattening... o well a few extra pounds never hurt anyone right...

We will be having three baptisms this Saturday!!! We will be baptizing Denise, her mother Kathleen, and her husband Tom!! It was going to be only Denise and Kathleen, but out of the blue Tom said that he want to be baptized! The spirit of Elijah has been working on him let me tell ya! When we first started teaching Denise and Kathleen, Tom would go and sit in his bed room, sometimes we wouldn't even see him come out! But one day as we got on the topic of temple work and family history! Tom is a big fan of family history! ahh yea! so we told him how our church was big on it too, and how we had a really nice family search program, that sparked his interest! From then on he started sitting in on our lessons, it has taken awhile for him to decide, but a few days ago he said that he wanted to!! Woot!  


Did we meet any new and exciting people this week? Yes!!! we met this really awesome guy named "Rasheen". He is a friend of one of our investigators who is one date! He had a lot of questions about the plan of salvation, but did we teach the plan of salvation? No, we taught The Restoration, and told him that we would answer all of his questions on a different day. We got him hooked!! Talk about being fishers of men! jaja!

Anyways love you all!! LES AMO! 


Elder Allen  

this is Carlos Antonio Lopez Del Torro he is a really awesome recent convert who is 89 years old and still rides a Harley! jaja

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