Monday, October 6, 2014

Don't Jump Ship Now!!!

Best week yet! we have been teaching these three ladies, who awesome, their names are Denise, Cathleen, and Dawn. Cathleen is the mother of Denise and Denise is the mother of Dawn and they all want to be baptized!! That means We will be able to baptize 3 generations!! super cool right! they are a super cool family we met while tracking in a trailer park right after teaching a guy named Greg Quackinbush, he is a really nice old man who we gave a blessing to this past Monday because he just got surgery and he wasn't feeling great! Sadly none of our progressing investigators are Spanish speaking...

So conference was really awesome!! "STAY ON THE BOAT" the talk by M. Russell Ballard was one of my favorites this time around! I love his analogy of the boat in the middle of the ocean being thrown about by a storm. The worst thing to do in these crazy Latter Days, is to jump off the boat, because you will be swallowed by the sea, that reminds me of an awesome Coldplay song called "Swallowed by the Sea" not sure if they have the same message just the same name... Anyways another one of my favorites was by the great President Uchtdorf!! "Lord, is it I?" is a great question to ask our self on a are a regular basis and realize that we do not have to right to judge others when, we are blind to our own faults and weaknesses!

 I hope you guys have a great time in Cali!!! love you a bunch!!

Elder Allen


                     Eliza's drawing on our fridge!

A photo of me and Elder Webb! Us drinking some "nectar of the gods!" (a.k.a cran- apple juice)

The roads in Georgia

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