Monday, September 29, 2014

Another awesome week

Da Boys!!! this is photo of that me and Elder Ludeman, another elder in our house, it is us. I drew the dinosaurs he drew everything else.
Well its been another awesome week down here in Georgia!! It rains alot down here also, but I love it! Everything is just peachy... haha get it because I'm in Georgia... not one of best....
Anyways it been great me and Elder Webb have been doing some good work!! We have been teaching some really cool cats down here, one of them is named Miguel he is a really cool guy, and really open about everything which helps alot when we are teaching people!! The only problem is the guy he lives with isn't as open and wanted to bible bash one night! So I had my first bible bash experience, except it was in Spanish I was really of no help at all... I could understand what was going on, but I couldn't back up Elder Webb.
We are also teaching this 82 year old man named Jack who at first you think he is really mean and blunt, but once you get to know him he is like a teddy bear, he is just very sarcastic, his wife is LDS, he doesn't like to be pushed, so it has taken awhile for him to get as far as he is, but we are hoping for a baptism! We are teaching a lady and her mom, they are both really nice and today we are teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ!
This Friday we went over to this little chicken shack that is owned by members so we get it for free, but man was that greasiest thing on the planet..... I felt pretty sick afterwards..haha!
I'm planning on writing you all by letter, but who knows when I'll be able to get around to that.. haha hopefully soon. Anyways love you guys and hope for the best!!!

Elder Allen


This is our hawk "Esteban" he comes and hangs out in our yard and eats squirrels 


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