Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dos Semanas!!!

Dos Semanas!!! I can't wait to get into the field, but I'm going to miss some of the guys in my district.. I can't wait for Becca to get here!! It will be nice to see a familiar face! I hope and pray that Alan will be alright. My Spanish is coming along it gets better and better every day! and yes I have received  the packages thanks!! 

I wish I could have been at the cabin. I miss not going to the cabin too, but when ever I start missing something or someone the spirit whispers a song into my head see if you know what it's from "when the road looks tough ahead, and your miles and miles from your nice warm bed, you just remember what your old pal said, you've got a friend in me." Every time this happens my testimony grows in two different ways, the first; God loves me and will never let me go! and second; He is a fan of Toy Story! haha I've almost always know that God won't let me fall, but never as much as here!!
 The MTC just gets better and better, but I want out!!
 My district has a hard time staying focused and studying (I think its because we have no hermanas (sisters) in our district) and so we had to  have a district meeting on how we can get better and one of guys in my district pulled out a couple of verses that helped me a lot, Ecl. 3:1-11. you probably know what I'm talking about, but good verses none the less!
Yes, I take time to breathe every day when I'm praying at night, when ever I pray at night this overwhelming sense of peace come over me.
Hope your doing well! love you guys a lot!!! 
Elder Allen
only one drawing this week. And another selfie

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