Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mexico City Temple


I've got alot of photos to send! We went to the Mexico City temple visitors center today!!! We couldn't go into the temple because of construction, but still a really cool experience!!! It kind of reminds me of one of those ancient Aztec temples! And sorry if some of the words are spelled wrong because the spell check on this computer only works in spanish haha!! oh and I forgot to tell you 5 weeks ago that one of the guys in my district was an officer at woods cross he said he knew Marrisa!!! His name is Elder Petterson, he is a pretty sweet kid! I can't wait for Hermana Yost gets down here, I'm super excited! My fun story this week is that I found Narnia!!!!!! On saterday we had alot of time to do stuff because we had to fast during dinner so as a district we went for a walk around the CCM because it is really big and we wanted to check out this forest! As we ventured into the forest we found this random light post it reminded me of Narnia! I'm starting rereading the New Testiment it is a better read than I remember!! Love you Guys!!!!



Love Elder Allen


Mexico Temple Trip
Couldn't get a hold of the current Georgia flag so we had to use the old one haha

Hair cut


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