Monday, September 22, 2014


I'm in Savannah!!!!!!! it is so pretty and green down here, so many trees! and I'm having a great time, the mission field is way better than the MTC!

I'm staying in this small house down a small dirt road, but it is really cool I'm not sure what the address is, but you can find out and you should look it up on google maps or something!
 Elder Raleigh Allen
138 Beasley Road 
Garden City, GA  31408

Anyways that is where I will be for the next six weeks, hopefully longer! you should definitely forward my emails to Tanner! There is really nothing I don't like about my mission every one down here is really nice, the only thing I have a problem with is speaking Spanish it is super hard to do... and it can be kinda scary to knock doors,
but like my shirt says "FEAR IS FOR OTHERS" that has become my new favorite quote because it is sometimes scary to think about what lies ahead in life, but I have to keep reminding myself that I shouldn't be scared, God is with me.
 I am having a really great time meeting all these different people with all these different stories, it widens my view of this world, its pretty great!
 I don't have to ride a bike in this zone, in fact I really there are only two Spanish speaking areas where I will have to us a bike. We spend most of our time in trailer parks, because that is were the majority of Spanish speakers are, it is pretty awesome!! Me and my companion are working with a lot of people who have a good potential to get baptized its super exciting! anyways it sounds like all is well at home, love you guys!!!
 I have been fed at least three times and the food was great! Everyone I've met down here is very nice and great cooks! I met this new convert the other day his name is Carlos, he is a nut! he is 89 years old and still kickin', he rides a motor cycle everywhere and he is way funny/crazy haha! 
Elder Allen
 look this up it should lead you to a something we did at a stake talent show!! or just look up LDS missionaries "Dear John" ( I'm yours remix) and it should come up with something! you might be able to see me in it!

Elder Webb
This is another one of my teacher from the mtc I didn't send a photo of.
This is a sign me and my companion found in an investigators house his name was Greg  


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