Monday, October 20, 2014

Frog legs

I ate Kermit this week sorry Muppet fans.....
This last week has been pretty great! So to answer your question about what branch I work in. Well because I'm am a spanish elder I can pretty much go anywhere in our zone! because we are the only two spanish elders in our zone... Technically our ward is the Pooler ward, we don't have a Spanish branch so all the people who speak Spanish come to Pooler ward. Sadly only a few Spanish people come out to church, we have about 4 or 5 who come regularly so as you can see I'm not surrounded by it, this makes the processes of learning spanish alot slower... But we have been working with a less active family, and they finally came to church this last Sunday!!! Nothing really eventful has happened this week and thank you for all your letters!! Anyways hope you are all having a great time in Cali and tell the rest of the family I love them including the extended ones!!

Elder Allen


bought this gem off a really old guy at the flea market for 8 bucks, i thought it was a really good deal and the guy said it would look good on me so i bought it, plus it is super comfy! missing the "Broncs"....


  some cute Mexican kids!

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