Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Air Jordan Volleyball

To answer your questions, the food is alright, it is really good or really bad so most of the time I go for cereal and toast. My companion is from California. My teachers are awesome! There are four in my district, including me, going to Georgia and the rest are going to New Mexico! Spanish is hard, but I'm getting it pretty fast! The first few nights were pretty bad, but now I'm sleeping great! We have to run to circles if there is an emergency. For gym we play volleyball and p-day is the best day ever! I have laughed so hard that I cried. It was when my district played a game where we can't smile and show our teeth, but we have to make the other people laugh by saying pterodactyl or screeching sounds, we have no hermanas (sisters) in our district so we can play games like that. It rains almost every day pretty hard too but I love it!
Thanks for the photos!

I love and miss you!

Elder Allen

PS bought some twistables at the store here! Best purchase i ever made!!!!    

PSS the volleyball photo was set on a timer and the camera got me at the perfect time!!

A few drawings

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