Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First P-day

Thanks for the photos! They are not the greatest of me, but thanks! The first couple of days were probably the most mentally stressful days of my entire life! It was so hard just getting adjusted and getting over the home sickness, while I was listening to music the song that says "some poor struggling seaman you may rescue you may save" came on by the lower lights and I couldn't hold back the tears, but by Saturday I started feeling more and more comfortable because me and my companion, Elder Garcia, got to know each other a lot better. He reminds me of Drew Higgins and Tanner Welton a little! I also really connected to my district! There are two elders in my district who remind me of Nate and CJ a lot too their names are Elder Olsen and Elder Olson. There is another Elder named Elder Peterson who reminds me of Johnathan here are some photos! 



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